General Terms and conditions / OF SALE, DELIVERY AND PAYMENT


Our terms and conditions below are valid for all business transactions unless agreement to the contrary has been provided by us in writing. Special regulations within the individual terms and conditions do not affect the remaining terms in any way.


Offers are always non-binding. Any additions, amendments or subsidiary agreements made verbally or over the telephone require our written confirmation in order to take effect. Any differing terms and conditions supplied by the orderer are deemed to be invalid, even where these terms have not been expressly contradicted, unless specifically recognised by us in writing.


Unless agreement is made to the contrary, our prices are valid for delivery to the specified address from a net value per order of € 700. In the case of an order value of € 699.99 or less, we charge a processing fee of € 50.

Terms of payment

Unless agreement is made to the contrary, the purchase price is due for payment within 10 days with a 2% discount or within 30 days in full. In the case of a delayed payment, we will charge 14% interest for late payment. Any debt collection expenses will be charged to the debtor. Bills of exchange and cheques will only be accepted on account of payment. The orderer shall bear the costs of discounting and collection in the case of bills of exchange and cheques. The orderer is not permitted to withhold payment on the grounds of conversion or reduction-related claims or other counterclaims or to offset such claims.

Delivery dates

The delivery dates specified by us are non-binding, unless agreed otherwise. We reserve the right to make partial deliveries where we experience delivery difficulties. Claims of default charges or claims for damages will not be accepted under any circumstances in the event of a delivery delay. In the case of unforeseen circumstances occurring, we are released from any agreed delivery dates and claims for compensation will not be accepted.

Force Majeure

We will be released from all obligations in the event of strikes, lockouts, natural disasters, industrial disputes, material defects and transport problems arising.


Complaints can only be considered if they are made within 14 days Guarantee: of receipt and all complaints must be made in writing. In the event of a product defect, we reserve the right to choose whether to request the return of the items in question in exchange for a free replacement or to refund the invoice value for the items in question. It is not possible for a free replacement to be provided if examination at our plant identifies that the products have been handled improperly or similar or if the defect has been caused by wear and tear.

Withdrawal v. purchase contract

We reserve the right to terminate the contract without notice

a) If we are unfavourably informed about the buyer’s reputation or ability to pay after the contract has been signed
b) If the purchasing company is transferred to another owner after the contract has been signed
c) If the buyer defaults on payment for earlier deliveries, especially if a bill of exchange is protested or a cheque is declined.

Retention of proprietary rights

The goods supplied remain our property until full payment of the purchase price has been received or until payment has been received for all past and future deliveries covered by the business relationship, including all incidental receivables (or until clearance in the case of cheques or bills of exchange).
If the goods are sold processed or unprocessed before payment is received, the purchase price obtained must be resigned to us beforehand. If our property is damaged by a third party in any way either by being seized or otherwise, the buyer is obliged to inform us of this immediately.

Place of fulfilment and court of jurisdiction

Innsbruck is the place of fulfilment and court of jurisdiction for all obligations relating to both parties, including cheque and bill of exchange commitments.